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Hello lol friends, good morning. Today we are going to talk about Brave, a browser that allows us queen to earn money maan through its BAT Cryptocurrency from Venezuela and the rest of the world browsing for free and safely. durooor Brave is a browser that has been operating since 2018, which in addition to allowing us to navigate safely by blocking ads, advertisements and more; allows us to earn money for using it and for getting referrals. In this article we are going queees to talk about the complete operation of Brave, how it works, what it is and how we can make money in Brave from the world.

Características de Brave

  • Website: brave.com
  • Rating: 10/10. Excellent browser.
  • Payment processors: Uphold. (Verified account)
  • Bat’s: trabajo 1 is the Cryptocurrency in which Brave rewards us for using it. It trabajo 2 a current cost of $ 0.20 cents for each Bat.
  • Brave Rewards: It is the section which trabajo 3 allow us to earn Bat’s for free for seeing small advertisements. It should be clarified that the trabajo 4 payment is 1 Bat and they pay us for Uphold
  • Brave Publishers: It is a section in trabajo 5 we can earn money in Bats by inviting people to use Brave. Depending on the country; We will earn certain amounts of Bat’s (from $ 1 to $ 7.50 per person).
  • Language: Spanish, English, French and many more.
  • Accepted Countries: Worldwide.

How to download and install Brave

Para comenzar a utilizar Brave tenemos que primeramente descargarlo e instalarlo. Puedes descargar Brave dando click en la imagen de arriba o puedes ir hasta la página oficial de brave.com y te aparecerá el botón para descargarlo. Estando allí darás click en ‘Download Brave’ elegirás la versión de tu Windown y comenzará la descarga.


When you have Brave downloaded to your computer, you will begin with the installation. It is extremely simple and similar to the installation of any other program. It is simply to click on next, next and next until the installation is complete.


Once the installation process is finished, we will have the Brave browser correctly installed on our computer. Now we only have to start configuring our browser.

How to set up and activate Brave Rewards

Brave is a very complete browser which is very similar to Chrome, with the difference that Brave allows us to navigate in a faster, safer and more reliable way as well as allowing us to earn money in Bat’s while we navigate in it with its rewards section; the Brave Rewards. The first thing we will do is configure our Brave browser in Spanish since it is normally installed in English. For this we will go to the option of the three points on the top right and we will click on «Settings». Once we are there we will click on «Aditional Settings -> Languages».


Once the Brave language menu is displayed, it will show you the language it is currently in. To change it to Spanish, you just have to click on the language that is there, then you will search and select the language you want and finally you will mark the activate box.


Once you activate the box for the language you have chosen, your browser will restart and you will have the language you chose. Then already having our Brave browser in Spanish; How do we activate Brave Rewards to earn money? We will start by going to the top right of Brave, where we will find a small triangle. When we click, a small menu will appear where we will click on «Rewards Settings». Once this is done, a menu will appear where we will have to mark the two «Rewards» boxes.


Once this is done, we will have Brave Rewards activated. With this, small ads will appear depending on our tastes thanks to the searches we carry out. For every ad seen we get paid at Bats.

Important: To receive Brave Bats we have to affiliate our Uphold account in the Rewards section and have at least 1 Bat. (Our Uphold account has to be verified)

Brave Publishers: How does it work?

Brave Publishers is a Brave platform where we can register and choose to earn Bat’s by inviting people to download, install and use Brave for 30 days. It could be said that Brave pays us to invite people to use their browser where, depending on the country that is the person we invite; We will win from $ 1.00 to $ 7.50 totally free. First we have to register and it is very simple. To do this, all you will do is search for ‘publishers.basicattentiontoken.org’ within Brave and upon entering the platform you will register by clicking Sign Up. Then you will go to your email to confirm the verification email and that’s it. We will enter our account by clicking on ‘Login’ and we will find our main panel. If they search they will see that they will not have their referral link, because to get it you have to add a channel. How to do it?


If they go to all of their account they will see a small section that will say ‘Add channel’ as shown in the following image:


By clicking, it will give us the option to add a YouTube channel, Twitch, Reddit or a website of our property. We choose the one to our liking and that’s it. You will join our Publishers panel and allow us to get the referral link.


For each person we invite to Brave, we will earn a certain amount of Bat’s depending on the country where it comes from, as long as they meet 3 necessary requirements: that they download Brave, install them and keep it installed for 30 days. For example: For 1 user from the United States we earn $ 7.50 once they meet the requirements. For its part, for each user from Venezuela we earn $ 1. If you are interested in learning more, you can go to the payment rates for referrals in Brave.

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